Wednesday, September 10, 2014

You never know

About the time I figured I was done having babies, Susan started having babies. That was just fine with me. She did it with such ease and grace.  None of it came easy for me with my three, so I was fascinated while  watching her changing, nursing and generally... "fussing"  with her babies just like we did years ago when we were playing with our dolls (except for the nursing...that was foreign to us, being children of the '50's).
By the time she had Amber, her third, I had been baby-less for 5 or 6 years.  It's funny how contagious pregnancy can be...Peter, our fourth was born the following summer...and after observing Susan for those six or so years... I was so ready to be a new mother again!

One bonus for having a surprise baby is all the gifts you receive. Most of them have been long forgotten...but not this hand sewn quilt that  I received from Anne.
This little blanket is a survivor! It has withstood countless children, pets, washings and  even Project Downsize!


Mary, "the child of my old age", asked me last week if I could make one just like it for her baby, Bridgette.

 The colors in the blankets are different but the love and care that went into making them are the same.

Bridgette with her new best friend.

Thank you Anne, Susan and especially darling little Amber for your inspiration.

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