Saturday, February 4, 2012

people are nice

Before we left, Sue had said she wanted me to send her some pima cotton from Arizona and in turn she would send me some pine wood chips from Gary's chipper.

Back in December the cotton was tight on the bushes so I figured I had plenty of time to "git me some cotton" when the days were longer and warmer...not so.
On our way to Casa Grande we noticed that the cotton was picked and baled and all the plants were cut down.
So much for my cotton pickin' plan...but wait....there were tons of cotton caught in the weeds along side the road! Buddy  pulled over and Pam and I both  grabbed a  handful. Pam immediately got rid of her bug-infested wad, while I searched for a vessel to hold my precious specimen.

Where Pam is, there is most likely,  a used Starbucks cup close by...sure enough...I stuffed the dirty cotton in the cup, closed the lid, and hoped the bugs would keep to themselves for the day.
When we got to Casa I got nervous about leaving the cotton in the car...What if the bugs ( I never did see one) decided to multiply because of the heat...or what if they  tore the car to  shreds like cats and dogs do when you leave them alone...yikes! So Pam and I discussed it outside the car...What shoud we  to do with the Starbuck cotton? We were discussing  leaving  it on the curb in front of the car, even though it was windy and might blow away.
Suddenly a voice from inside the car next to ours said..."I'll watch it for you."
 He was an elderly gentleman (most folks in  Arizona are elderly) and was teasing, of course. We told him our bug issue, exchanged a few pleasantries, and left to join the guys.

After the amazingly cool tour we headed back to the car. I had completely forgotten about the cotton we had put on the curb.  We couldn't believe it when we saw the Starbucks cup secured in a plastic bag, laying on the curb, weighted down with several large rocks. The gentleman in the car was long gone but  the kindness of strangers was evident. Oprah would be proud!

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