Monday, October 13, 2014

we need more shamen

It was a busy hour in my little corner of the world this morning. I arrived 5 minutes early to relieve Katy, who is 34 weeks pregnant with her 5th baby and has freckles across her nose that are perfectly placed. We chatted about the street people that were out in full force...caught up in celebrating Columbus Day, no doubt. She headed kitty corner to her car and I started pacing back and forth in front of the "Building For Women" where abortions are done every Tuesday. 
 Last week I was flipping through the channels and stopped at a program called "Nazi Hunters". I have been fascinated with the Holocaust since the first time I saw the gruesome photos in "Life" magazine when I was a girl. The very idea of it brings tears to my eyes and an ache in my heart. Of course I always make it about me...would I have hidden a Jew, would I share my last crust of  bread,.. would I have the fortitude to do the right thing?  While watching the program I was suddenly assaulted by the saddest, most shocking thing I've ever seen. You know those dismal public service announcements on television for  abused or mistreated animals , how sad and scared those little cats and dogs look...I was looking at a tiny baby, naked and alive in a white metal tub, his little chest choking back sobs, just looking so helpless into the camera. I turned off the TV  hoping to erase the image forever. My eyes still well up  whenever I think of that little innocent baby and his terrible fate. The abortion issue is like the Holocaust. Innocent babies are being killed everyday in America and it makes me sick.
Getting back to E. 1st Street....There is a city worker whose job is to sweep the sidewalk, pick up trash, and to generally, keep the street tidy. She is always pleasant but noncommittal...until today. As she passed me from behind she said "Hello" I looked at her as she walked by and quietly said "Thank You". She has to work there every day and I can only hope she is praying too.
Then there was Al, who pulled up in his big truck and said "You shouldn't be here alone". He parked his truck and stayed with me the rest of the hour. As if that wasn't enough...a gentle man with a long red beard, who called himself a healer, gave us a "tobacco blessing"...and a hug! 

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